Sunday, May 23, 2010

More stuff....

Ok, it's been a few days, but I'm back baby. Here is a new box, more of a cannister I guess since it's round and tube like; a previously done hat box, but with some candy corns attached to the sides, and a little hanging shelf with some Halloween goodies already attached. Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

More keepsake boxes....

Ok, so the boxes aren' t completely out of my system just yet, so here are a couple more. These boxes are a little larger than the earlier ones. Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Keepsake boxes....

My Halloween spirit moved on to some boxes....Halloween Keepsake boxes. My artistic ADD dictated that it was time to try something new, so why not shove a box under a ghost or pumpkin?? Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad Recoiler...

Looks like you got yerself a bad recoiler....Here ya go Marlene, one frog, bad recoiler and all coming right up. This little guy finally found himself some dinner, only to have his recoiler malfunction. At least he's got someone to keep him company.


Monday, May 3, 2010

To my daughter....

As a small departure from the norm, this isn't actually a post regarding my clay stuff directly...but bear with me, there will be new stuff shortly.

In July of last year, we lost our son Nicholas to a rare heart condition. While the past 10 months have not been the easiest and Nicholas has never been far from our hearts and thoughts, there are days when 'life' takes over and occupies my brain. I think that God realizes this and that's why he went and made little children so intelligent. My 3 year old daughter Kaylee loves stickers and balloons, the mere sight of either sends her into an excited scream, so the other day when she let her helium balloon go outside, we were a little taken aback. When she was asked why she just let her balloon go, she simply responded with "I let it go so that my brother Nicky could catch it in heaven.". Needless to say, that's one of those statements that quickly clears the day to day nonsense and brings back into focus the really important things in life.

So to my daughter Kaylee, thank you for being so sweet, innocent, and so very, very intelligent, and most importantly for reminding me why I'm here.

To Nicholas, we still love and miss you more than anything, but as you watch over us everyday, you still have a little angel down here keeping an eye out for you.

Love Daddy.