Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bad, bad blogger...

Ok, so I've really, I mean really, been a bad blogger. Haven't posted in quite a while, but I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth....yet. New job and a quickly approaching craft show have kept me busy. Here are some quick pics of some of the things I've been working on. Enjoy!


  1. These are adorable, Brian! Sounds like you've been busy!

  2. Love these new creations, and congrats on the new job!

  3. Woot! These new creations are so cute! I have to person they are EVEN BETTER!


  4. Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments. Hoping to have some more pics posted soon!

    Thanks again!

  5. well, I've been even more a bad blogger than you are...haha.
    wasn't satisfied with the name of my dutch site, and keeping up 2 blogs ( one in dutch and one in english) and 2 websites was to much.
    Now I'm back on:
    maybe I'll see you there some time?

    Your new halloweenstuff is very cute by the way! How tiny are they really?