Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whew...what a busy week. Not sure where it went, but kinda glad it's over. I'll be even happier once this year is over. Hasn't been the best of years for us, but we're still kickin' and pushing forward, so suck it 2009.

Anywho, Turkey day came a week early in my house as I was makin' and bakin' turkeys last night. My turkey isn't even three weeks old, and we're already on version 2.1. Here are pics of the original, the revised, and the final version (at least for now). I think that they are both kinda cool, but definitely think that I like the newest version the best. I think that he needs an old turkey huntin' musket, so I'll have to create one of those for the little guy. Still working on getting caught up on all of the orders, and then it's onto more new creations.

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