Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok, so I've been a sucky at getting any sort of regular posting going on with this here blog promises that I'll get any better, but I'll try.

Wanted to post some pics of this past weekend's craft show - not really a big, deal, but it was my first 'official' craft show, meaning the first that I had to shell out money for a booth.
For my first official show, it didn't go all that badly. It was at my old high school and seemed to be more of a flea market than an actual craft show comprised of hand made crafts. (Lesson #1 learned: going forward, only apply for booths that require crafters only.) Most of the people really seemed to like my stuff as I received more compliments than money - which was nice for my confidence if not my wallet. I thought that I had had some sure fire sellers. I came home with just about all of those sure fire sellers - thanks to my family, I didn't have to come home with all of them (Lesson #2 learned: I really have no idea what is going to sell, and what isn't.).
I did receive some applications for some upcoming crafters only shows, so I feel like I'm at least getting my foot in the crafting door. I have a couple more shows lined up for this upcoming fall, and I'm already looking forward to those as I can let my inner-Halloween run rampant.

Ok, enough babble, here's the pics...and a special thank you to my Aunt Barb, who was kind enough to spend the entire day booth sitting with me!!

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